The Winter / Holiday Collections are releasing November 13th

Winter Sound Bath Healing Event

Our highly anticipated Winter Sound Bath is finally here!

Join us as we embark on a full-body listening experience with crystal alchmey bowls specially tuned for deep cellular level healing of the endocrine system.


Thanksgiving Weekend Hours

Small Business Saturday November 26th

-open 10-2pm

Sunday November 27th

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The Winter Collections

Volumes 1 & 2

The Whispering Woodland Witches Collection & Cozy Cottage Christmas Collection

Venture into the Woods

The 2022 Winter Collections

The Winter Collections are here! 

Products for bath & shower within two collections with very different energies & inspirations. There are many new creations as well as some best sellers & favorites from Christmases past.

Volume 1: The Whispering Woodland Witches. 

Inspired by witches in the woods gathering ingredients, setting fire in the snow, casting spells of protection, preparing for ceremony and the coming months. The witches you slightly fear yet completely trust for their powerful guidance. Inspired by that eerie silence & darkness of winter. Inspired by the captivating sounds of the artist Fever Ray. This collection celebrates us as wonderful magical beings while also acknowledging & embracing our darker, more powerfully raw edge.


Volume 2: Cozy Cottage Christmas.

This collection is inspired by one of our all time favorites books, Little Witch Hazel written by Phoebe Wahl. This collection is inspired by cozy comforts during the holiday season. 

Inspired by glowing Christmas cottages, magical creatures that live in a forest freshly blanketed in snow. It is by far my cutest and most playful collection of products. This collection celebrates all things cozy and delicious. 

Inspired by the emotional & physical nourishment we all need during this time of year. Adding some sweetness, some spice & a little sparkle to our lives during this time.

It honors home, love, family. It celebrates our more playful, more whimsical & more childlike selves.

Here you'll find decadent witchy ass bathing experiences that awaken & indulge the senses. Come see for yourself

High Priestess CBD Collection

The High Priestess Collection includes broad spectrum CBD oil for relieving muscle and joint pain, reducing stress and anxiety as well as grounding energy. This beautiful blend of healing oils with it’s gorgeous unique scent comes in a few forms- a bath bomb, a body/linen/room spray, a roll on perfume oil & the infamous body butter body lotion.

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*currently available by request, at events or pick up at the shop

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Both Winter Collections go live!

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