The Magician Bathing Dust

The Magician Bathing Dust

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Inspired by The Magician tarot card, this bathing dust encourages power, creativity in action & honors will power. It speaks to our resources, the physical world and the spiritual world, personal transformation & to our own intelligence. 

Sprinkle a scoop or two into your bath water for fizzing and foaming. Think a bath bomb without a shape that you can distribute as little or as much as you like. Use to enhance resourcefulness, the potency of your manifesting & our power to create and express ourselves authentically during a ritual bath.

Rosemary, Carnation, Clove and Vanilla Pod Infusion make for this unique blend. 

These ingredients together create this brighter almost minty sensation despite there not being mint. You can literally feel the energy and space around you shift and lift as if mint was used.
Use in the bath while setting intentions relented to powerful creativity and expression. For when you need to dream big or even bigger. 

This bathing dust is white with a bit of shimmer, topped with carnations and cloves. 

This is a card I resonate with personally. I find myself in magician mode so much of the time and I can stay there in my own world for a long time. My lesson revolving this card however is to come up for air and ensure I’m grounded in reality while also allowing myself to create freely. To have both feet on the ground while also have my head in the clouds. 

8oz jar