Sound Bath Healing Series ( June 2024 )
Sound Bath Healing Series ( June 2024 )
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Sound Bath Healing Series ( June 2024 )

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Our highly popular Sound Bath Healing Series is here again!  

Liz and I are thrilled to be hosting another candlelit Sound Bath in the WWW-A shop. The next few sound bath events, we are focusing on this transitionary period we are in as we move into summer and this part of the year.
We will be covering what it means to be at home in your body and how to remain grounded and be able to access stillness and peace amidst the changes.

For this particular event, we are including a short movement sequence as we connect the mind and body. 


Join us as we embark on a full-body listening experience with crystal alchmey bowls specially tuned for deep cellular level healing of the endocrine system.

When the alchemy singing bowl is played, the healing and balancing properties of each crystal bowl are illuminated by the sound that is heard to a specific gland that is part of the endocrine system.

Her overall set allows for deeper connection and communication between your inner and outer worlds in order to support your journey of living your most authentic life grounded in joy and love.

 Whether this is your first sound bath with us or you’ve been to every single one, we welcome you with open arms in this cozy, safe, nurturing space!






Friday June 14th 




Witchy Woman World Apothecary

905 Elmwood Avenue

Evanston IL 60202



Please wear comfortable clothes! Bring layers for if and when you get cold or warm. Please bring a yoga mat and a water bottle or something to drink! We offer tea and light snack treats. 

You may of course bring blankets, pillows, eye masks, scarves, socks, or anything you may need to help you feel the most comfortable during the event. 


🌿You will be receiving a very special handcrafted thank you gift from WWW-A as a reminder of your healing event & the intentions you set for yourself moving forward🌿




Below are the various bowls and the specific alchemies of her set:


Citrine(pineal/pituitary gland)- warming, energizing, joyful, raises self-esteem, and loosens the hold on all that no longer serves you

Indigo (thymus gland)- connects to your own divine wisdom and higher consciousness for soul growth


Moldavite/platinum (thymus gland)- connects you to the cosmos, spiritual realm, and universal consciousness/connects you to your own psychic abilities and spiritual guides


Lumerian seed/pink aura gold (pineal/pituitary gland)- universal life force/loving calm energy, unconditional love source that guides the heart to inspire the mind


Abalone (sexual glands)- Wisdom of the sea, beauty and majesty in their natural fluidity, cleansing and purifying.


Egyptian Blue (thyroid gland)- embraces love, beauty, and appreciation of the Arts to uplift your spirit in a grounded way.


Phenacite/platinum (Adrenal and pancreas glands)- aligns you with your own light body, relieves stress, diminishes depression while aligning the intuitive and emotional body.