About us

Welcome to Witchy Woman World Apothecary
Your home for all whimsical bath & body treats. Skin loving ingredients, undeniably good scents & always adding that extra touch to every potion, lotion, scrub & bomb.
Its more than just bath bombs. Its a bathing experience. That sensual, soul cleansing, spirit nourishing, emotional & rejuvenating type of bathing experience. 

It really is something special. And I'm glad you're here.  

I'm Sara. Creator & shop owner of WWW- Apothecary. This concept came to life around September of 2020, after creating one body scrub in a spooky jar for a close close friend as a gift. I shared that scrub online and talked about how fun it was to make this for her, especially because we initially met years and years ago working for Lush.

I always had a knack and an affinity for this kind of thing. I have always been a bath enthusiast. I have always found water to be something divine. As a Cancerian, this of course makes sense. But not only that, I am a BELIEVER.

Creating a bathing experience for myself that is ornate, that is self-cherishing, that is renewing... this is essential for my survival! Although sometimes I find my kids stepping on in to share said bath, normally its just a magnificent moment for me and only me. and the ability to be alone is very rare these days so I make it as fabulous of an experience as possible.

I am honored to be able to share that experience with you. 

From my dining room table while my toddlers ran around me or fulfilling orders in the middle of the night... to... a storefront shop a block away from home.

This has since been a transformative & deeply healing process for me. This shop I have created here has absolutely brought me to life. 

I am honored to be able to share my creative gifts. And with a little magick, ethically sourced ingredients, my wild imagination & personal love of all things spooky, sexy, dark & haunted, I aim to bring you all of that and more. To get you just that much closer to perhaps a little healing, relaxation & inspiration of your own. 

Here you'll find decadent witchy ass bathing experiences that awaken & indulge the senses as well as so much more.

Come find out!