About us

Welcome to Witchy Woman World Apothecary
Your home for all things whimsical bath & body treats.
Skin loving ingredients, undeniably good scents & always adding that extra touch to every potion, lotion, scrub & bomb.
Its more than just bath bombs. Its a bathing experience. That sensual, soul cleansing, spirit nourishing, emotional & rejuvenating type of bathing experience. 

It truly is something special. And I'm so glad you're here.  

I'm Sara. Creator, maker, shop owner & magician of WWW- Apothecary.

This concept came to life around September of 2020, after creating one body scrub in a spooky jar for a close close friend as a gift. I shared that scrub online, folks wanted to purchase some and my first batch sold out in 24 hours. And now I curate and handcraft monthly subscription boxes, wholesale products & custom create for other shops and individuals as well as participate in markets & events. 

I always had a knack and an affinity for this kind of thing. I have a background in skincare & body care, so this didn’t totally come out of left field. However I didn’t think my years of training and my genuine interest would become such a vital part of my career.

I have always been a bath enthusiast. I have always found submersing myself in water to be something other worldly, something divine.

Creating a bathing experience for myself that is ornate, that is self-cherishing, that is renewing... this is simply essential for my survival. Although I love the days my kids find me in the bath and it’s a toddler takeover, I cherish when it’s a magnificent moment for me and for me alone. The chance to be alone is very rare these days so I make it as fabulous of an experience I desire. 

I am honored to be able to share that experience with you. 

This has since been a transformative & deeply healing process for me. For what started at our diningroom table, to now the shop in Evanston… this shop I have created here has absolutely brought me to life. 

I am honored to be able to share my creative gifts. And with a little magick, ethically sourced ingredients, my wild imagination & personal love of all things spooky, sexy, earthy, ethereal & magical, I aim to bring you all of that and more. To get you just that much closer to perhaps a little healing, relaxation & inspiration of your own. 

Here you'll find decadent witchy ass bathing/showering experiences that awaken & indulge your senses and more. 

Come see for yourself!