Sound Bath dates are now available! Beach, in shop & parents with littles!

Sound Bath Healing Event Beachside

Sound Bath Healing Event Beachside

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✨Sound Bath Healing Event✨

Our most popular and highly requested event!
Witchy Woman World Apothecary and Elizabeth Lidov are excited to present another sound bath event for healing & realigning. This specific Sound Bath will be held at Lee Street Beach!

*IF WEATHER BECOMES AN ISSUE- we will not cancel for poor weather. Incase if heavy wind or rain, our sound bath event will then be held at the shop instead! 


We are embarking on a lakefront full-body listening experience where the vibrations from crystal alchemy sound bowls surround our bodies with different sounds- each meant to hold us wherever we are in our lives at this moment. 


Come join us as we create community together for grounding, stillness, clearing, and intentionality we all desire for ourselves and the world at large.

The musicality combined with it’s vibrations aims to shift our mental state from the “fight and flight response” to a “rest and digest” response further nurturing our mind and body.


Details below:





Friday July 12 



Saturday July 20  

6:30am - 8am



Lee Street Beach in Evanston IL



First and foremost, wear clothing that makes you feel most comfortable. Bring your own yoga mat, towel, blankets, eye pillows, socks, head pillow, or anything else you may need to help relax. I would suggest bringing layers incase it cools off lakeside as the sun goes down. You may also want to wear clothes that allow you to dip into the lake once we finish!  

We suggest you bring water! But you are of course welcome to bring coffee, tea, snacks for before or after the event.



For any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact



What is a sound bath?


Full-body listening experience where the vibrations from crystal alchemy sound bowl instruments “surrounds” your body with different sounds. The musicality combined with the vibrations aims to shift your mental state from the “fight and flight response” to “rest and digest” further nurturing your mind and body. To prepare for this experience, dress in comfy clothes (including socks!), bring a yoga mat, blankets, pillows, and/or an eye mask, and anything else that will enhance your relaxation experience.  


Who is Elizabeth?


Elizabeth is a researcher by day and is a certified 200 hr yoga instructor. As a yoga instructor, her passions lie in facilitating sound baths, guided meditations, and gentle movement for those seeking to dig a little deeper into the science (or as she calls the “why”) behind the healing benefits of yoga and sound. She’s most fascinated by the way sound healing impacts the brain to create an overall meditative and rejuvenating experience. It is her ultimate wish to cultivate a non-judgemental space that allows you to explore the depths of your mind, body, and spirit with kindness, compassion, and curiosity.




Elizabeth’s Crystal Alchemy Bowls


Elizabeth’s crystal alchemy bowls are made of colorful crystals such as citrine, indigo, moldavite/platinum, and lumerian seed and pink aura gold. When the alchemy singing bowl is played, the healing and balancing properties of each crystal bowl are illuminated by the sound that is heard. Each bowl is hand selected by her and is tuned to 528Hz for deep cellular level healing of the endocrine system. She also uses binaural beats, two tones at a slightly different frequency creating an illusionary third tone, to assist with reducing stress and anxiety of the mind.


Citrine- warming, energizing, joyful, raises self-esteem

Indigo- connects to your own divine wisdom and higher consciousness for soul growth

Moldavite/platinum- connects you to the cosmos, spiritual realm, and universal consciousness/connects you to your own psychic abilities and spiritual guides

Lumerian seed/pink aura gold- universal life force/loving calm energy, unconditional love source that guides the heart to inspire the mind