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Candlelit Yoga & Ritual

Candlelit Yoga & Ritual

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This year as a shop we have been focusing on equipping our community with tools- tools for deeper connection and stillness, for drawing strength and power, for love and for healing.

Sara of WWW-A and Natalie Chevalier Yoga invite you for a candlelit evening of yoga, meditation, ritual workshop as another tool to replenish & recharge. 

The workshop will be set amongst the beautiful space of WWW-A, enshrined in candlelight and magic


To start the workshop, tea will be served as we create our own intentional floral bouquet to take home at the end of the evening. During this practice, we will be working with intentional herbs and botanicals and wrapping them in such a way that you can dry the bouquet upside down, place it on an altar or even burn it as a releasing ritual. We will then choose a ritual oil from WWW-A that best aligns with our intentions and work that into our yoga practice for the evening. 

Natalie will then guide us through about a 60 minute yoga flow that will include meditation, mantra, pranayama (breath work), and asana (the yoga flow). Natalie has designed the yoga portion of the workshop to both get you moving and allow access to the gentle stillness necessary to recharge.


The workshops will be held on- 

Friday April 26th, 7-9p 

Saturday May 18th, 7-9p


What to Bring:

Please provide your own mat and props for the evening. The yoga practice will not require props, but if you know you like to use them, please bring them along.


A blanket (if you like)for savasana because it’s just so nice to be cozy!


A journal if you would like to write down your inventions for class as we are creating our floral bouquets.


Please wear comfortable clothing to move in and a water bottle. And anything else you may need to enjoy your evening more comfortably. 


An open heart to allow the healing properties of intentional creation and the mind/body connection to sink in!




Natalie Chevalier is a 200 hr CYT who teaches at Moksha Yoga Center in Logan Square. She has known the practice of yoga since she was a child from her maternal lineage… you could say Natalie was one of her mother’s first students. At the heart of Natalie’s personal practice is the search for true authenticity and freedom from a restrictive world which she uses to influence her teaching. Each of Natalie’s classes incorporates meditation, mantra, and breathwork, the key tools to accessing the intricacies of our true selves. Her classes are rooted in Vinyasa and Ashtanga but incorporate modern sequences as a form of expression and Natalie’s intent to be an eternal student.