The Lovers Body Bar

The Lovers Body Bar

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This hand poured solid body butter bar provides hydration and softness to the skin while offering other benefits such as an uplifted mood, confidence, clear communication & connection. 

Inspired by The Lovers tarot card, this beautiful blend honors partnerships, harmony & unity. It’s about empowering one another, about joy, softness, about intimacy and confidence. 

Start by massaging her all over your skin. As your warm skin and hands begin to melt the butters, you can set the bar down and begin massaging your skin with your hands, breathing in all that goodness while working the ingredients in. 

what’s inside- 

capcuacu butter, avocado, shea, moringa, candelilla, bergamot & aloe


Use for those benefits above, make it part of your bedtime routine or just because it feels and smells divine. This is an easy solution for those who need and want lotion after bathing or showering but tend to be a bit lazy about it :) it is so so easy to use. 



This golden tin is the best for storage, keeping your body bar clean and contained. If your body bar begins to melt and lose shape a bit, just pop the whole thing in the fridge! Tim and all! 


*be mindful where you leave your tin. If left in a hot car, your body bar will absolutely be an oily mess. Carry along in your purse or backpack etc however be mindful of high summer temps. Otherwise, this bar is created to retain her shape and to be enjoyed for a long time!