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Collection: Summertime Witch

17 products
  • Hedge Witch body wash/liquid bubble bath
  • Little Lemon Tree Whipped Soap
  • Rosado Exfoliating Whipped Soap
  • Violet & Vanilla Sun Goddess Oil
  • Peach Bavarian Shower Skull
  • Limoon Lady Whipped Soap
  • Deep Sleep Magick Body Bar
  • Hedge Witch Body Scrub
  • Scrumptious Witch, In-Shower Solid Body Bar
  • Scrubby Witch, In-Shower Exfoliating Body Bar
  • Kitchen Witch Hand Soap
  • Limoon Lady Shower Skull
  • City of the Dead Shower Skull
  • Voodoo Priestess Shower Skull
  • Carmesí Shower Skull
  • Peach Bavarian Exfoliating Whipped Soap