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Collection: Winter Folktales Around The World

Our 2023 Winter/Christmas Collection inspired by winter folktales from around the globe! 

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  • Toadstone Bath Bomb
  • Little Lemon Tree Whipped Soap
  • Ginger Snapped Bath & Body Oil
  • Ginger Snapped body scrub
  • Little Lemon Tree Body, Linen & Home Spray
  • Holly Flax Body Scrub
  • WWW-A Gift Cards
  • Winter Witch Bath Bomb
  • Mother Holle Magnesium Bath Bomb
  • Grimoire Tea Cup Magnesium Bath Bomb
  • Fire Ritual Body, Home & Linen Spray
  • The Whispering Woodland Witches Body, Home & Linen Spray
  • Winter Witch Bath & Body Oil
  • Snow Maiden Body Wash / Liquid
  • Flores de Noche Buena Bath Bomb
  • Blizzard Witch Perfume