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Collection: Halloween 2023

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  • Las Flores bath bomb
  • Dance With The Devil Bath Bomb
  • Queen of the Dead Body Wash /Liquid Bubble Bath
  • Queen of the Dead bath bonb
  • Peppered Pumpkin Bath & Body Oil
  • October Day body, linen & home spray
  • Dance With The Devil Body Scrub
  • Queen of the Dead Spray
  • Grimoire Tea Cup Magnesium Bath Bomb
  • Grimoire Perfume
  • Madame Marie Body Butter
  • Queen of the Dead Body Scrub
  • The VVitch Body, Linen & Home Spray
  • The Magician Manifestion Oil
  • Dance With The Devil Body, Linen & Home Spray
  • La Danse de La Mort Exfoliating Cream Wash