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Zahra Facial Toner Water

Zahra Facial Toner Water

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Using the power of rose, cardamom, hibiscus, chamomile, aloe, fresh mint & calendula… mist your skin with with hydration, refreshment & calm. 

I essentially brewed a tea of all of these ingredients and it truly feels amazing. Use after washing your face before applying moisturizer or our facial serum, midday for a refresh or at night before bed to cool and soothe the skin. 

Keep in the fridge! It is not required to keep this facial mist in the fridge but I highly recommend it for how it feels on the skin. 

 **now in a new bpa free plastic blue spray bottle for easier use and travel and more quantity! 


How it was inspired:
inspired by a women in business dinner party we hosted at the store in March of this year. Kita, a local art witch & incredible chef, prepared a four course meal to celebrate her Persian background while I handcrafted 7 products using similar spices, herbs & botanicals that also celebrated and honored my Egyptian background.

The dinner party was not only a chance to bring together brilliant minds but to also celebrate Nowruz and the Spring Equinox with a Persian meal and Egyptian inspired skincare.