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Valorame Perfume

Valorame Perfume

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Romance yourself with smoke, warmth, richness & depth.

Valorame- cherish me, worship me


Oooo Valorame is such a stunning blend. And one of my personal favorites. 

When creating this blend, I wanted to encourage sensuality and confidence in a subtle, warm & healing way.

Sandalwood, Saffron, Lemon, Jasmine & Hawthorn

 These specific ingredients help with hormone balance, stability & harmony within the mind and encourage an open heart ready to give and receive love.

Jasmine, known for its aphrodisiac- like properties, also encourages love and balance. Sandalwood and Hawthorn create a sacred and safe space for love and romance. Saffron & Lemon uplift, inspired us with intentions of elegance & sophistication while also attracting abundance, prosperity & connection. 

Make space for cherishing yourself not only with this perfume but in many ways throughout the day. Handcrafted to be sprayed on your skin, clothing & the space around you.