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Natural Deodorant
Natural Deodorant
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Natural Deodorant

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Our deodorant is finally here!!!

Allow your skin to BREATHE while also prioritizing odor protection. 

This product was a long time in the making. Our deodorants began as a customer driven need & ask, which we love. We asked many friends, customers & family to give this a try and the feedback has been extraordinary! 

For best results, use clean fingers to swipe along the top of your container & massage a dime - nickel size amount of deodorant all over your underarms & go about your day fresh and protected! Reapply as desired but you shouldn’t have to reapply. 

Don’t be worried about using your hands. It’s soft & works right in, you could apply this in the car if need be and continue driving without issue. It’s not sticky or tacky.


This does not contain baking soda or aluminum. I believe baking soda to be an irritant for many sensitive underarms so I have kept it out of my recipe. Although many natural deodorants contain it, I personally don’t believe it serves a purpose. 

No plastics, no synthetics, no additives, no added fragrances. 

Packaged in a wide mouth gold tin for easy daily use and application as well as easy for travel. We may eventually offer a twist tube option as well however we have found during our testing process that it wastes so much more product in a twistable tube.  

My personal suggestion for those of us who sweat more, who tend to run a little warmer, who tend to have an issue with odor or exercise often, I highly suggest Rosemary’s. Both work fantastically however the ingredients I’ve chosen in Rosemary’s cater to us heavy sweaters! 


There are two lovely options to choose from- 


Rosemary’s Natural Deodorant -

Arrowroot, shea, lavender extract, rosemary, tea tree & fresh mint, calendula, fresh fennel seed & sweet almond oil. 

(bright, fresh, herbal)

Sandy Frank’s Natural Deodorant -

Arrowroot, shea, lavender extract, tea tree, sandalwood. Frankincense & sweet almond oil. 

 (Clean, subtle, cozy, musky)