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The Invitation Body, Linen & Home Spray

The Invitation Body, Linen & Home Spray

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This Halloween 2022 favorite is sticking around all year!!

This spritz is inspired by a dinner party scene from the horror movie, The Invitation. The scent is inspired by the foods presented on the table, the red wine, the colors of the scene & the mood.


A group of friends are invited to a dinner party where the hosts surprisingly have sinister plans. 

 Made with intention to protect yourself from folks who may feel unsavory, who may not necessarily be trusted.

Invite in fresh new energy, good juju, new nourishing experiences that are rich & delicious. 


This herbaceous and complex fragrance is deep yet fresh combining fresh rosemary, merlot, lemon & crisp apple. It is certainly unique!

Use for its protective properties or simply for the scent! Either way, bless yourself with protective herbs, a delicious scent & the ability to remove yourself from a negative place.