‘Sugar Box & Honey Jar’ spell bath bombs (duo)

‘Sugar Box & Honey Jar’ spell bath bombs (duo)

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Sweeten up your life with these delicate beauties that are such a lovely addition to the WWW-Apothecary family.

They hold this scrumptious mouth watering scent of honey, rosehip, bergamot, orange oil, a hint of lavender & vanilla. 


Sugar Box & Honey Jar spells are two spells that can be done to ‘ sweeten’ someone or a situation up for you.

This can be done to get a potential partner or love interest to be sweet on you 💕 It can also be used to sweeten someone up that you may have an issue with or recently had an argument with. It is not to fool or to manipulate their feelings but rather to soften.

Sweeten up your words with honey by adding organic honey to your lips. 


After recent dreams of beehives, bees, honey & gold, I was inspired to bring those dreams to life. This violet and gold painted bomb is sensual & warming in scent and sophisticated & flirty in personality.

Regal yet familiar 🐝

(both bombs included)



Did you know…

✨Bees can represent fertility, feminine power, productivity, community, industry, teamwork, diligence & joy. 

If you are dreaming of bees, you may be receiving a good omen. Bee dreams are almost always about relationships and interactions with other people. 

The bees in your dreams may also be telling you to take a look at your social networks. They may be pointing toward a desire for more harmonious and functional relationships or celebrating & cherishing the ones you already have.

A visit from a bee in a dream may also be putting you on notice that some beloved friend or family member is in need of communication from you. You will know if this rings true for you, as this person will just pop into your mind. This dream indicates that you should call them or maybe you will even hear from them!

Dreaming of a beehive usually relates to the home and family or your business as well as coworkers. A happy, buzzing hive means a happy, buzzing home. It may foretell incoming abundance and fruitful times ahead. If the bees are swarming around the hive, rather than working in it, proceed with caution. There is a lack of harmony that is interfering with productivity.