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Plantas y Abejas Healing Gel

Plantas y Abejas Healing Gel

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🌿Plantas y Abejas After Sun Gel for all skin!

This is a product made for the August Witchy Bitches subscription boxes. It was such a favorite, we brought it to shelves. 

With the power of plants & bees, we can help to soothe our skin with this cooling and healing aloe gel. Use after a long day outside, use to hydrate dry patches, use simply for the softness and scent.

 We have also found this to be incredibly healing on the face as a moisturizing gel lotion and mask. 

Aloe Vera- this beautiful & versatile plant contains many vitamins & minerals beneficial to the skin, it moisturizes, rich in antioxidants, gentle on skin, it is cleansing as well as cooling.

Bee pollen extract-anti fungal & anti-inflammatory, healing for wounds and help in the aid of skin repair

Hemp extract-reduces pain, swelling and aids in reducing redness

Rosehip Oil- helps to smooth irritated skin, rich in antioxidants and encourages tissue regeneration and the feel is just luxurious.

Lavender-one of our favorites for many reasons. Calming, stress reducing, anti inflammatory, anti fungal, healing & soothing

It has this delightful jelly consistency that is quite satisfying to rub in!