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Mooncake Shower Steamers

Mooncake Shower Steamers

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🧧✨Mooncake Shower Steamers✨🧧


These precious shower steamers honor Lunar New Year and is inspired by how we celebrated this significant festival throughout my childhood. 

I hand pressed these shower steamers with antique wooden cake molds! It was an incredibly difficult yet wonderful experience making them. Using the antique wooden molds made for a tedious process however a really important practice of patience, love, hard work & great care. And I am thrilled with how they turned out! 


✨Orange blossom, tangerine, lemon & Bergamot✨


✨Bringing good fortune, strength, power, adventure, good health & generosity✨

Inspired by the delicately decorated mooncakes my mom specially ordered each year, the honoring rituals we watched her perform, the token red envelopes my brother and I still get to this day, the smell of firecrackers & incense burning, the smell of bright oranges, milk teas & sweet delectables.




🏮I was born in Singapore to a Caucasian mama and an Egyptian father, raised in Borneo & grew up immersed in Malaysian, Chinese & Indian culture.

🏮This bath bomb is a celebration not only of the festival itself but of multi-cultural richness and in honor of my mom, who has kept our childhood traditions alive long after her great escape back to the US when she fled to keep my brother and I safe from an extortionately abusive marriage.

🏮This honors her strength & her deep rooted connection to Asia as a whole- the people, the history, the smells, the colors, the cuisine, the traditions. All the friends, colleagues, works of art & the difference she made there… all left behind.

✨It is where I believe a big part of her heart still remains, and I truly hope she gets to return ‘home’ soon in the future✨