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Jardín Preciosa Perfume Oil

Jardín Preciosa Perfume Oil

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Romance yourself with freshness after it rains, snapped green stems, wet velvety petals & crisp air.

Inspired by lush dewy gardens, beautifully arranged floral bouquets & freshly hand picked bunches. 

Jardín Preciosa- precious garden 


This incredibly freshly floral perfume oil uses the powers of little English tea roses, tulip, orchid, moss & meadowsweet to uplift, inspire & encourage love. 

These specific florals were intended together & expertly blended to promote tranquility, harmony, inner peace, renewal & rebirth. Fragrant tea roses are carefully infused to bless us all with intentions of wealth, prosperity & abundance both in a physical sense as well as in an emotional sense. 

Moss & meadowsweet bring depth, warmth and a richness to our floral blend. 

Blended with coconut, rosehip, argan & jojoba oil. Filled with dried peonies, roses & red clovers for clear communication, peace of mind & beauty. 

I created this blend to encourage harmony & joy in the body and in the mind.

To encourage love, inner peace & freshness.