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Aguas Benditas Home Cleaner

Aguas Benditas Home Cleaner

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A spiritual cleanser as well as an actual surface/all purpose cleanser.

With traditional and ancient ingredients sourced from Denver Colorado, this home cleaning spray was curated to cleanse both physically on surfaces as well as energetically. 

Bring good luck and spiritual purification to your home/space. Use before spiritual work or to clear negative energy from a particular space. 

Created for and tested on all surfaces however, please use your own judgement and test smaller areas of more precious furniture. 

Anil Indigo, Sage, Bay Leaves, Basil, Lavender & Camphor are blended beautifully together for their antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, ward off negativity and bring in prosperity and clarity. 

I highly recommend wiping doors and windows with this spray as well especially now that it is a new year! 

Disinfect, banish, purify, purge & stimulate a more spiritually nourishing environment.