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Scrubby Witch, In-Shower Exfoliating Body Bar

Scrubby Witch, In-Shower Exfoliating Body Bar

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This hand poured solid body butter bar provides exfoliation, hydration and softness to the skin while IN THE SHOWER!

After washing your body, gently massage your body bar all over your skin. The heat of your skin and the water in the shower, the bar will melt more and more with each swipe. Start by massaging her all over your skin. As you begin to melt the butters, you can set the bar down and begin massaging your skin with your hands, breathing in all that goodness while working the ingredients in. Rinse & notice the difference in your skin! 

what’s inside- 

capcuacu butter, avocado, shea, moringa, candelilla, Mazie, ground oats, cinnamon, amber, clove, patchouli & eucalyptus. 


Use for those benefits above, make it part of your shower routine or just because it feels and smells divine. This is an easy solution for those who need and want lotion after bathing or showering but tend to be a bit lazy about it :) We’ve made this so easy! Moisturize IN the shower! 



This golden tin is the best for storage, keeping your body bar clean and contained. Leave lid off between uses so your body bar has time to dry. If your body bar begins to melt and lose shape a bit, just pop the whole thing in the fridge! Tin and all!