La Buena Vida Facial Moisturizer

La Buena Vida Facial Moisturizer

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The people have spoken & I love the chance to create what people really want and need.

✨Now in a clear jar with a wooden lid✨

Finally, WWW-A has a daily face cream to hydrate, nourish, replenish & soften the skin!

This daily face cream has carrot seed oil for radiance and pore cleansing properties, repairing dryness & any skin damage as well as providing the skin with beneficial vitamins & minerals.

I packed this moisturizer with aloe for its anti-inflammatory & healing benefits, it’s anti-bacterial properties and for the way our skin drinks it up. I added Lavender for very similar reasons. For those of us who deal with acne or a little extra oil, lavender is such a fantastic ingredient to balance as well as treat & heal acne / blemishes.

I chose Licorice extract for its richness in benefits both internally and externally. Historically used in herbal remedies and medicinal tinctures. It beautifully aids in reducing redness, irritation and it contains an active ingredient that aids against pigmentation from UVB rays and sun exposure damage. It also gently brightens & tones!

Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil & Grapeseed Oil for how they lock in moisture, their soothing benefits on dry skin including psoriasis and eczema & how they protect against cell damage. Jojoba oil is the most similar to our natural sebum and its fatty acids help to add genuine nourishment to the skin leaving you with a supple and soft feel.

Lastly, Oatmilk provides the skin with more anti-inflammatory benefits, soothing & softening. It can help to remove bacteria, lock in moisture & is delightfully gentle on more sensitive skin.


May your face feel loved on, nourished, hydrated, brightened, full of glow & freshness!


*cleanse the skin thoroughly and pat dry. Spray your Zahra Facial Toner Water if you have that and gently massage a few pumps of our facial moisturizer.