Empath Protection Spray

Empath Protection Spray

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This is a WWW-Apothecary best seller!

As empaths and highly sensitive folk, we must protect ourselves from and set boundaries with people, places & situations that drain us. We easily absorb the energies of others and must reset, recharge & reground. 


Use this beautiful intentional spray to assist with rather draining situations or people. Either use before hand as a way to protect yourself going into situations or use afterwards as a way to cleanse from it. Visualize yourself in a perfectly protected light.
Remember that you choose who may enter your energy space.

I add amethyst crystals to each bottle!

Amethyst stones are connected to the third eye and crown chakras. Amethyst has long been a symbol of peace, cleansing and of calming energy. Carry it with you along your day as you encounter others, have it by you as you bathe or sleep etc. 

sandalwood, lemongrass, neroli, lemon balm & the amethyst crystal. 



I find myself particularly wiped or drained after being around folks with negative energies or low frequency energies. I am better at managing some of that in the moment but when I get back to my own space, I make sure to practice some techniques to assist in recovery. 

If you have ever noticed some of the rings I wear, I have an amethyst tear drop for this reason. To protect myself from the energies I absorb most, especially the less desirable ones. I have felt better entering larger crowds/ being surrounded by others since wearing it. It reminds me that my energy is my own.