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Mini Winter Solstice Kit

Mini Winter Solstice Kit

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Celebrate & welcome the Winter Solstice with our mini ritual kit! The Winter Solstice is the longest night and the shortest day of the year. It represents death and rebirth. A time for reflection and going inward. A time for rest, for looking back, for being present in the moment & setting a new sentiment for ourselves moving forward. 

This little solstice kit asks you to release & then to welcome this next phase and chapter. Whether you celebrate the winter solstice or not, this little ritual will hopefully encourage some reflection, intention setting and time for gratitude which we all can use a bit more of. 


Instructions and a step by step are included! 

what’s inside- 

Winter Herbs that have been smoke cleansed with incense & sage

A glass spell jar 

A ritual candle 

Flying Wish Paper

A Winter Solstice Anointing Oil

A Mini Aguas Benditas Home Cleaner Spray to cleanse your space both physically & spiritually to prepare for your ritual.