La Nochebuena Box Set

La Nochebuena Box Set

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Welcome to your Christmas Eve Box ✨

Be inspired by this lovely variety of curated goodies that bring a beautiful sense of calm to the craziness and chaos that can be the holiday season. 


What’s inside:


La Nochebuena bath bomb

 -this deep dark night blue and neon yellow bath bomb is a beautiful blend of sage, thyme & mint to remind you of the warmth we need during those cold winter nights. This brings such reverence to any ritual bath 🌙✨ 


The Manzana de la Muerte bath bomb

-this crisp apple fizzy has quickly become a top seller and fan favorite!

This ‘little apple of death’ brings crisp apple alongside spiced apples, bourbon brown sugar, caramel & orange to create a gorgeous white shimmery fizzy. She not only makes for a delicious soak, but the intent behind her creation is to remind us of any negative, toxic, mentally draining, poisonous-like people, places and situations around us that are not for our highest good.


The apple, playing such an important role in spiritual connection & spiritual nourishment, reminds us of our power within to ward off such poisonous distractions. 

Pop her in and watch her dance around the tub oozing a magical turquoise middle



Witchy Bitches Scrub

 -One of the most popular scrubs to date! 

Soften & hydrate your skin while you breathe in the energy cleansing powers of rosemary, mint & sexy smokey lavender. Organic white & brown sugar, jojoba oil & coconut oil



Sugar Box & Honey Jar Spell Body, Home & Linen Spray

 - Sweeten up your life with this delectable spray that is a such a lovely addition to the WWW-Apothecary family.


Soul sister to the bath bomb, this body/linen/home spray holds that deliciously mouth watering scent of honey, rosehip, bergamot, orange oil, a hint of lavender & vanilla.

Spray with intention either on yourself, your home or your clothing.