‘Beltane Ritual Bath’ Box Set
‘Beltane Ritual Bath’ Box Set
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‘Beltane Ritual Bath’ Box Set

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In these last few months, WWW-Apothecary has created something magickally unique & special for ya'll alongside local artist Elana Tenner!! We originally created this box in celebration of Beltane however, we believe in our box so strongly that we are so excited to make it more accessible. There is no right or wrong time to acknowledge where we have been in our lives, recognize where we’d like to see some growth, express some gratitude for where we are and what we have and then to finally continue to ride that higher vibrational energy towards growth, expansion & prosperity. 

May the manifestation & abundance begin!


☀️𝕿𝖍𝖎𝖘 𝖇𝖔𝖝 𝖘𝖊𝖙 𝖎𝖘 𝖆 𝖈𝖊𝖑𝖊𝖇𝖗𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓!☀️

This is a celebration of light, of the sun, of fire and of growth.

It is a celebration of self-expression, self-liberation, of spring cleaning of the soul as well as mentally & physically.

A celebration of new beginnings, of uplifting motivation, of the sacredness of rituals, of sensuality, of remembering the sweetness that does indeed exist in this world despite everything else. 


Not only will you find artfully created WWW-Apothecary goodies exclusive to this set, you'll find our collaborative & handcrafted ritual practice kit. And when you use them all together, we hope to bring you the stillness required to reflect, the affirmations required for growth & expansion and the motivation to act & bring forth newness. 


Halfway between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice lies Beltane, one of 4 fire festivals celebrated each year. It can be referred to as May Day, as it is often celebrated on May 1st.

Historically, It was a day for the Celts to feast and commemorate the life force that spring brings. Flowers, new life for the harvest. It is a celebration of fertility in all forms. It also has a large association with pleasure & sensuality.

The wedding union of the god and goddess who brought forth life was celebrated in the ancient pagan tradition.

It is directly opposite Samhain (or Halloween) and celebrates birth & renewal. It is also the one other time of year when the veil is thin between worlds.

Flowers and bonfires are traditionally a major aspect of this sabbat - dancing around a colorful maypole to celebrate.

It is a time for love, joy, and sweet things! 





Eternal Flame Bath Bomb- 

A giant bath fizz hand whipped and pressed with Beltane inspired herbs & a Citrine colored Amethyst to bring forth healing in the solar plexus/third chakra, issues around self-esteem, self- worth & wholeness. We chose this crystal to help create a more vibrant flow of energy around you & your body. 

Inspired by the herbs and oils associated with Beltane, Eternal Flame Bath Bomb is created with magnolia, frank n myrrh, frangipani, azalea, rosemary, lemon, rose & cedar. Earthy, sensual & floral. Imagine bathing among flowers in the warm summer sun. Grounding yet uplifting. 

Sol Purpose Bath Tea- 

This scrumptious bath soak is a one of a kind experience. Unwrap your tea bag, pop the entire bag into the water without releasing the contents. The intention is to have the bag floating around you steeping in the water as you soak.

Squeeze the contents, feel the ingredients, feel the herbs. Squeeze the oats and feel the water soften further as the oats submerged in water create an oat milk soak.  Breathe in the meditative oils, cleanse the air, the energy, your space, your mind. 

Organic rolled oats, lavender buds, lavender oil, rose petals, rose oil, cedar, lemon, rosemary, frank n myrrh & magnesium soaked dead sea salt. 

Calming, hydrating, stress reducing, nurturing.


Golden Dawn Abundance Oil- 

Our bath n body shimmer oil is sexy, fun, and deeply hydrating without being greasy. Rose, Cedar, Lemon, Rosemary, Frank n Myrrh & Jasmine. Avocado, oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, rose hip oil & gold mica for that abundantly gorgeous golden glow.

We really wanted to bring it back for all the folks who grew up in the 90's. Shimmer oil was all the rage. And for good reason! But we decided to skip the chemicals and plastic glitter. This body oil gives off a golden sheen or shimmer, rather than a sparkly one. And the scent is warm, sensual, grounding yet light & flirty. 

And if you didnt grow up in the 90's, not to worry. It was created with intention of bringing forth the inner confidence within EVERYONE who chooses to wear it. 

Shake well before each use.

'I AM' Affirmation Deck-

We are so proud of this gorgeous deck of affirmation cards. 10 cards designed to be used during contemplation, meditation & ritual. For daily use or for whenever you feel drawn to them. They are beautiful reminders of our own inner strength, beauty, power, foundation. With these reminders, we hope you are able to bring forth the awareness, motivation, tools & focus you need to get the soil ready for growth.

We are talking manifestations, attracting goodness into our lives through the power of the spoken word, through power of our thoughts, through the power of our intentions. We are talking spring cleaning in order for EXPANSION!

Abundant living, solful living, living with light in our eyes, our hearts, our hands. Beginning to express ourselves more authentically, more fully... thus sharing that golden glowing, fiery, sensual, expressive, innovative, bright but more importantly BALANCED imperfectly perfect being with the world. And what a wonderful thing that is. To live fully and balanced. To live exactly as we are without limitation or fear because light & love, strength & integrity is what we radiate.

We personally think everyone should remind themselves of this more often. So we made this deck for all of you!



The Ritual Candle- 

This simple orange candlestick sets a beautiful tone for your bath ritual. If you do not have a candle stick holder appropriate for this size candle, use some soil in a mini cup, sand in a dish etc 

Please practice 

all created & intended for a singular ritual bath, however use as you feel called to. This is yours to manifest what you wish! 


Although there are a few repeating oils, we chose this specific combination of essential oils intentionally. They personalize however, uniquely in each of the products within this box set.Ingredients chosen for hydration to the skin, ingredients chosen to help reduce stress, anxiety, worry & to rather uplift, appreciate, motivate & radiate. 


We hope you love this set as much as we do, we are so excited to finally be sharing with you all! 



Candle crystal and affirmation card ritual
1. Draw yourself a bath and with your Eternal Flame Bath Bomb and Sol Purpose Bath Tea, breathe in the herbs & flowers, soak up the oat milk waters and breathe in healing oils purposefully selected to energy cleanse & uplift
2. Use the crystal from your bath bomb for this Beltane bath ritual
3. Hold the crystal in your hand, feeling it’s shape & texture and take a few deep breaths to find your grounding
4. Shuffle your deck and pull a card
5. Read the card to yourself out loud
6. Light your candle (you can hold the candle, place it in a holder, or in a bowl of sand,dirt or salt)
7. Continue holding your crystal as you look into the flame and repeat the affirmation three times (or as many times as you feel the need to)

You can extinguish the candle after this and reuse, or let it burn all the way down - but do not blow it out (use something else to extinguish).