Arté, Romance y Erotismo Gift Box

Arté, Romance y Erotismo Gift Box

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The entire Valentine’s Day collection all prepackaged and ready to go for easy shopping and gifting! This concept was actually a request from many customers who wanted to gift luxury and goodness but didn’t want to have to pick and choose from the collection! 

12 luxury handcrafted bath, shower & skin care products to reinvigorate energy, inspire, reawaken passion and self love.

This gift is lovely and appropriate for anyone. The intentions behind each product are to encourage self love, creativity and romance within our busy day to day. 


This gift set saves about $100. Total value is $240



✨Carmesí - amber, clove & plum

* for passion, power & sensuality


Perfume Oil Roll On

Bath Bomb

Body Butter


✨Naranja Sanguina- oakmoss, vanilla, ginger & hyacinth 

* for uplifting dense & heavy stagnant energy, for reawakening and invigorating creativity & joy


Whipped Soap

Shower Steamer

Barh Bomb


✨Rosado- musk, tobacco, peony & patchouli 

*for playfulness, flirty behavior, for spark & for nurturing 


Bath Bomb

Body Scrub

Bath & Body Oil




About the collection -


Curated and handcrafted bath & body care inspired by the erotic, passionate, whimsical & rather romantic art of the 1600s and 1700s. And ‘erotic aesthetic’ revolution that occurred during that time period which radically changed the way art was conceived, created & thought about.

Inspired by the richness in color & energy of these works of art. Inspired by ingredients prevalent during that time period thought to increase sexual desire, performance and conception.

Through this collection, we explore these foods and ingredients as restorative and balancing for intimate and sexual experiences.

Inspired for romancing another, romancing many but more importantly…romancing yourself. This collection celebrates the freedom and desire to be who we are, the range of emotions evoked during our most intimate moments, celebrates what lies behind the velvet curtain, what peeks our intimate curiosities and enhances our overall flow.

If nothing else, reinvigorate your desire for life, love & the add a little inspired energy to the every day experience. Inspired by lovers, lust, power, sex, romance, passion, expression and drive.

Inspiration lies all around us. Life is art. Sex is art. Passion is art. Fantasy is art. Desire is art. Creativity is art. Full authentic expression is art. Joy is art. Beauty is art. Love is art.

Available online & in store February 1 2023