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Shower Gift Set

Shower Gift Set

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This gift set is for all the shower folks! With this $75 gift set, please pick the perfume of your choice along with your shower goodies! 

This gift is a pre packaged set including all the shower products from the Arté, Romance y Erotismo Valentine’s Day Collection! 

This makes gift giving very simple either as a treasure for yourself or for someone else.



Naranja Sanguina Whipped Soap - a creamy lathering soap for washing hands, the body or use as a hydrating shaving cream 

Rosado Body Scrub- a beautiful way to exfoliate and rI’d of dead dry winter skin.

Naranja Sanguina shower steamers- two beautifully fragranced and hand painted shower steamers to create a spa in your own bathroom. Set on the floor of your shower, opposite end of your shower head and let it fizz as you do your thing. 

Rosado Bath & Body Oil- a luxurious oil for hydration, scent & feel. Massage on damp skin in the shower or use on dry skin as a body/perfume oil. 



Carmesí Perfume - plum, clove & amber 

-for passion, power & sensuality 


Rosado Perfume- musk, tobacco, peony & patchouli

- for playfulness, flirty behavior, creativity, spark & nurturing


Naranja Sanguina Perfume- oakmoss, orange, vanilla & hyacinth. 

-for uplifting heavy and dense energy, for awakening & reinvigorating creativity and joy


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